CDR Month Reflections Webinar

To close out CDR Month Zepto is hosting a virtual session that brings together some of the key industry thought leaders who have been involved in the month of events exploring the world leading digital transformation happening with the Consumer Data Right. During the conversation, we will debrief on what we’ve heard and learnt during the month. Scroll down to meet our panel of experts who will share their key outtakes from the events and roundtables held throughout June as part of this initiative. This will be an opportunity to debrief on what the month has achieved in terms of building awareness of what’s possible with the CDR and how industry and government can continue to work together to build and develop this significant piece of digital infrastructure. Further, Zepto has conducted its own research with Australian consumers that reveals their sentiment towards sharing their data with 3rd-parties. The CDR Month Reflections webinar will be a great forum in which to reveal/discuss these data points.


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Opportunities from Open Insurance and Emerging CDR Ecosystem

This webinar will introduce key features of the Consumer Data Right to an insurance industry audience. The experience from Open banking will be explored along with insights on the adoption of open insurance globally. Our panel of insurers and insurtechs will explore potential use cases, and share opportunities currently being developed.

Our Panel, introduced by Insurtech Australia’s CEO Simone Dossetor, will include:

  • Mathew Mytka ( Regional Director, Australia and New Zealand
  • Financial Data and Technology Association)
  • Ron Arnold (Managing Director, 11eight)
  • Fabrizia Roberto (Co-Founder & CEO, Koverd)
  • Jason Wilby (Co-Founder, Open)
  • Nick Fernando (EGM Everyday Banking, Suncorp)

Anyone from the insurance sector, including strategy, technology, business, and compliance teams.

This webinar on Open Insurance is targeted specifically for the insurance sector, and will introduce and address the current CDR framework as it applies to our particular ecosystem.

This insurance satellite event is scheduled to take place during CDR Month. Insurtech Australia is proud to support this inaugural month of specially curated events, exploring the potential of Aussie innovation and the world-leading digital transformation happening with the Consumer Data Right.

CDR Month is brought to you by the combined efforts of Australia Information Industry Association, FDATA and FinTech Australia.

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