Consumer Data Right Showcase

FinTech Australia is pleased to present the CDR Showcase as part of the CDR Month initiative in partnership with FDATA and AIIA.

This event will highlight potential Consumer Data Right use-cases and commercial opportunities. Local and international experts, policy makers and founders will take to the stage to discuss the future of the CDR and showcase the most exciting emerging use cases.It will capture a broad audience spanning the digital economy, including fintechs and large financial institutions which are interested in but not yet fully harnessing the CDR. This event will provide opportunities for players from across this burgeoning ecosystem to connect and discuss the vast opportunities CDR provides for the future digital economy.

A unique feature of the event will be a ‘use case showcase’ pitch-style session where early-stage fintechs and other companies will present on stage about the CDR-powered use cases they are building and bringing to market. These will cover payments, lending, climate tech, financial management, financial literacy, and other exciting use cases.

Rub shoulders with other leaders in Australia’s fintech sector as we delve into the limitless potential of CDR.

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Consumer Data Right: Will Fortune Favour the Brave?

Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking panel conversation on the future of Australia’s Consumer Data Right (CDR). As the CDR stands at a critical fork in the road, with one direction calling for steady improvements and the other demanding greater industry participation, we ask: will fortune favour the brave?

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of Consumer Data Right (CDR) and Open Banking through exploration of the history, current challenges, future potential of the CDR, and how it can empower consumers to take control of their data and drive innovation in key industries.

Our expert panel will discuss the challenges in adoption which have hindered progress. We will explore the quality of data provided by Data Holders and the regulator, the ACCC, and whether stronger penalties are needed to enforce higher standards. We will also discuss the potential of Action Initiation as a game changer that would allow third parties to act on behalf of consumers to complete functional tasks, and how cyber security and data breach risks are a genuine concern that needs to be addressed.

With the government investing $88.8m into the program to address concerns, the potential for disruption is enormous. It’s up to all of us – government, regulators, and industry players – to ensure that consumers benefit from this exciting new era of data-driven innovation.



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