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CDR MONTH 2023 | JUNE 1 - 29


Three peak industry bodies have come together to support this initiative. They represent the diversity of Consumer Data Right (CDR) stakeholders across the financial services and technology sectors and the limitless potential of CDR to be a transformative reform for Australia brings them together.


The peak advocacy body for regulated Open Data in the ANZ region. Leading work to future proof the success of the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.

The peak advocacy body for Fintech in Australia. Connecting, challenging and advocating on behalf of one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the world.

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem.

2023 THEME


Everything we create as a species is born in our imagination. This is powerful. When we tap into this together we have limitless potential.

Over the month of June we’ll work to realise this.

There’ll be inspiring events that will evoke your imagination and help you discover the art of the possible. Showcasing the commercial opportunities. Navigating the grand challenges of the Consumer Data Right and celebrating the world leading work we’ve done to get us to where we are.

This June we want to go further with you. Harnessing the potential of this transformational reform and the communities involved so it can fully benefit all of Australian society. All the while supporting others across the world on the journey.

In this Inaugural CDR Month we’ll come together as people and communities, to imagine desirable futures and shape how we work together to make it happen.


Building awareness about the Consumer Data Right reform so more organisations across sectors can be involved in future proofing its success

Showcasing CDR opportunities, current and potential use-cases and connecting the established ecosystem with a broader commercial audience

Educating stakeholders on how Open Innovation can evolve the emerging Consumer Data Right ecosystem towards economy wide Open Data reality